Secret lifes

This is one of the oldest mix clubs in Moscow, which traditionally attracts many young gay and gay-friendly people. It works every night. The club frequently offers discounts on drinks.

There are two floors, which accommodate two dance floors, a karaoke room, VIP and chill-out zones, three bars and an outdoor terrace. The club’s chef offers a European cuisine.

On map

Nizhniy Susalnyy per. 7s8, 105064 Moscow

Working hours

Daily from 23:00 to 6:00







+7 (495) 649-14-32

Upcoming events - Secret lifes

Big eb3e92 decb6ac5ab7b48368e7206e77421cf23 mv2 d 1276 1874 s 2 Musical orgasm Monday, 28 May

3:00am, Entry free, Club

Big eb3e92 7f41c9a8feac44698d56572cb6cc53b4 mv2 d 1275 1879 s 2 The Voice of Secret Tuesday, 29 May

3:00am, Entry Free, Club

Big eb3e92 f2ba99d072f9426485f931bea889facc Travesti Factory Wednesday, 30 May

3:00am, Entry free, Club