Despite being open every night, Boyz hosts its main parties on Saturday and Sunday mornings. After-parties at Boyz gather all those, who find clubbing at night still not enough.

Buses operate at weekends to deliver guests from Central Station club free of charge. After-parties usually last till 10 am.

There are few people at Boyz on other days. However, drag queen performances, shows and quizzes (with money prizes) take place daily.

The club has two halls, one of which is a separate karaoke room and the other is a dance floor with a stage for performances. There is a balcony with the view to the dance floor. Besides, there is a darkroom for cruising.

Sometimes celebrities, such as Russian pop singers, give concerts in the club. The music ranges from mix-hits and pop to house and mash-up by resident DJs.

On map

Pereyaslavskaya Bolshaya str. 46s1, 129110 Moscow

Working hours

Sun-Thu from 23:00 to 06:00; Fri-Sat from 23:00 to 11:00






Upcoming events - Boy-Z

Big fe8aa6 1710916009c84cd09a3c4689c4e55f22 mv2 Night Battle Monday, 22 October

2:30am, Entry free, Club

Big 2trhhdlt7j8 Drag University Tuesday, 23 October

1:00am, Entry free, Club

Big 2623xdrfo88 Talk show Wednesday, 24 October

2:30am, Entry free, Club