MEN CRUISING PARTY "IMPERIA" — it's a party this men's fellowship!

We have no restrictions and prohibitions (except drugs, violence and dirt), only your imagination rules here, you will be liberated for the first time and feel completely free!

Number of guests: young, Mature and self sufficient boys. Making your dreams come true, we have taken care of the perfect environment. Also provided high quality service and bar!
We promise that no one will be left unsatisfied!!!

IMPERIA is a well - liked male CRUISING party! Condoms, lubricant dispensers and paper towels FREE!. FC, DC (shorts, jockeys, underwear, swimming trunks, harness, sports, etc.))

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Ulitsa Dem'yana Bednogo 15K1


Entrance: 0₽ - 900₽


+7 (925) 202 59 59