About us

We welcome you to OkayBoys.com. We know how important it is to you to get information about the places and events in the city, where you can feel at ease. This website has been specially created for people like you.

OkayBoys.com, different from other sites, tells about gay-friendly establishments of the capital. However, we want to gather the broadest picture of what is happening in Moscow. Here you will find information about all the places (for everyone).

OkayBoys.com will make your life easier. Now information from all of your favourite places can be found here such as what will take place each night, how much it will cost and so on. You can check the official websites from ours to check the information.

OkayBoys.com will help you learn about new establishments, a surprise party in unfamiliar places. If you know of an event that might be interesting to the gay community, tell us about it! And, most likely, this information will be made available to all the visitors of our website.

Since OkayBoys.com is still a very small project, we would also be grateful if you would tell about it to all your friends. Help them plan their free time properly, conveniently and easily. We will help you in this. Thank you!