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Documentary Theatre.

Big                               new Roman Viktyuk Theatre

As the name suggests, Roman Viktyuk Theatre is the author’s theatre, the theatre of the director.

Big moskoncert logo Mosconcert

Concert hall

Big 617ba6 cbcded7cb0f3411f982c3cfc72221343 Apogay Theatre

Chamber LGBT Theatre.

Big 617ba6 cbcded7cb0f3411f982c3cfc72221343 ApoGayFest 2016

The main location of the International Chamber Festival of Queer Theaters.

Big 02c83203dadde3dbe932a7c404147252 Teatrium on Serpukhovka

Every year in the poster of the theater no less than 15 performances names, addressed a wide range of audiences.

Big 123 Theatre in the Southwest

Modern and conceptual vision of filmmakers measure will help you to plunge into the world of "individual" theater, where the output of each mine.

Big logo Theatre "Satyricon"

Despite its name, in a satirical repertoire and classical pieces.